Gunung Sinabung Eruption again on 15 September 2013

ImageGunung Sinabung Eruption again on 15 September 2013,  at 03.00 am  when this Sinabung Volcano eruption make about 3700 people living near of Volcano evacuate to safe place.
Gunung Sinabung with elevate 2460m locate at Karo Highland, district of Karo Regency, North Sumatera Indonesia.  Sinabung Volcanoes is not an active volcano about 400 years sleep and eruption on Aug 2010, during this time thousand people are also evacuate.

Last known eruption on 1600 then wake up and active again on Augustus – September 2010 with Vulcanian eruption type.

this is small history of Sinabung Volcano
August 27, 2010 Small plume with white smoke coming out from the old crater
August 29, 2010 Sinabung made explosive eruption also produce of Ash, Lava, and Pyroclastics
September 03,2010 Have 2 times eruption with ash plume 3 km into the sky and also earth quake tremor feel about 25 km from the Volcano
September 07,2010 eruption again with ash plume about 5000 m and after this, Mount Sinabung just have small white smoke
September 15,2013 Gunung Sinabung Eruption again, produce of Ash Plume and also pyroclatics Flow


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